Wonderland Homes Commits to Providing a Healthy Living Environment with Energy Star®

January 31, 2020


These days, energy is a limited resource and its costs are climbing. Taking that into the highest regard, we wanted to make sure that our processes and standards were top-notch when building for future Wonderland homeowners. So, we have partnered with Energy Star® to achieve this goal.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Energy Star® is a government-backed entity that guides businesses in creating practices that help them achieve the goal of building sustainable products. Say goodbye to poorly performing cooling and heating systems, indoor air quality problems, and unnecessarily high energy bills. Energy Star® ensures efficiency in all aspects of your future home and we take its guidelines very seriously. 

As a Wonderland homeowner —you can rest easy — we have done the work to make sure your home is not only “built to code…” but rather, it is the highest standard of modern living. 

Healthy air and peace of mind 

We build with safe, low emissions materials so you can breathe in peace knowing the air is safe. 

Additionally, our energy-efficient homes are well insulated and air sealed, so that when you’re using heat or air-conditioning, the air is not escaping through windows and door cracks. 

Because we “build tight and ventilate right,” our homes provide fresh, clean air, and protect you from harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide.  

A better place for you to live with a lifetime of savings 

All in all, as an Energy Star® certified homeowner you get:

  • Better quality
  • Better comfort
  • Better durability
  • Reduced utility and maintenance costs
  • Increased resale value
  • Water management practices that keep your home free from mold and structural damage

We are proud to be Energy Star® certified so we can offer you cost-beneficial, high-performance homes to enjoy your life in.  

By having the Energy Star® certification, Wonderland Homes is thrilled to be preserving the environment while providing our customers with the highest standard of living and a way to save money on their bills. Check out the new homes we have available in some of Colorado’s best communities. Contact us today and start the process of building a place you can be proud to live in.

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