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Buying a home is likely to be one of the biggest investments and most important decisions you’ll ever
make. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time living the Colorado lifestyle and possibly raising a
family. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you find a place that speaks to you and meets your
specific needs. Working with a new home builder like Wonderland Homes allows you to choose the floor
plan that works for you as well as the design finishes and other “extras” that will make your home
uniquely yours. Find out more about Wonderland Homes has to offer and get started creating your dream
home. Give us a call today.

Some of the choices you’ll have when choosing to build a new home:







100% New

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new home is that new home smell and the idea that no
one else has lived there before you. You won’t have to worry about stains on the carpet or
someone else’s used dishwasher. Buying a new home will give you peace of mind knowing that
you’re moving into a space that is clean, pristine, and created just for you.


A new home offers the convenience of being able to customize your surroundings to meet your needs
and sense of style. While you can also remodel an already established home, do you really want
to tackle a major project like that as soon as you move in? Incorporating your design desires
into a new build is much easier and more efficient than trying to do a renovation on an existing

Home Warranty

When you buy a home that someone else lived in before, you just have to trust that you aren’t
going to discover costly repairs that could be putting the entire safety of your home in
jeopardy. When you work with a new home builder, you won’t have to worry because most offer a
one-year warranty that covers just about everything. When you purchase from Wonderland Homes,
we’ll take it a step further — you’ll get to take advantage of our unprecedented two-year

Minimal Maintenance

Moving to a new home is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about doing repairs the
minute you arrive. With new construction, you can rest easy knowing that every element of your
home is brand new and shouldn’t require any maintenance. This is especially comforting when you
think about the cost to replace a roof, water heater, or similar items. With a new home, if you
do have a problem, it will likely be covered under your new home warranty.


Features like energy-efficient windows, high-grade insulation, and Energy Star® appliances are
just some of the things you’ll find in a new home. These updated features are designed to help
you live comfortably while lowering your energy bill. Older homes that haven’t received
energy-efficient upgrades can end up costing you hundreds of dollars more per year to maintain
and they waste precious resources.

Modern Design

Home design has changed significantly throughout the years. Homebuyers’ needs and preferences
have evolved and new home builders have adjusted their building styles to meet them. When you
purchase a new home, you’re more likely to get a place that is a better fit for your family and
your lifestyle than if you were to buy an older property. New homes tend to emphasize an open
floor plan, large kitchens, and plenty of ways to customize your space to make it your own.

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If you’re ready to explore the many new home options that are available to you, you can start by
contacting new home builder Wonderland Homes or by visiting our website to learn about our
communities. Once you choose the Northern Colorado location that’s right for you, we can guide you
through the steps of picking out the perfect floor plan and options. Please visit our steps of homebuying page for a complete
overview of the entire process. We look forward to welcoming you home!

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