Understanding a Home Warranty

November 7, 2018


Home builders strive to construct a home free of defects. However, mistakes are occasionally made or something may not perform as intended. In this episode, Mike and Garrett sit down with Wonderland Vice President, Derek Peterson, to talk about questions you should be asking your builder.

360 Discussion

  • Regarding warranty – what’s the first thing you should ask any builder when buying a home?
  • Different types of warranties?
  • What do they usually cover?
  • Appliances?
  • HVAC, doors, plumbing, electrical?
  • Are their “official” warranty guidelines? How do you determine if something is warrantable?
  • How do you hold your builder accountable?
  • Can you dispute a builder’s decision to deny a claim?
  • Who does the repairs?
  • Who pays for a home warranty? Buyer or seller?

Fire Round

  • Best warranty story – good or bad?
  • Most challenging warranty item?
  • Top maintenance items homeowners neglect?
    • Good resource for home maintenance tips: https://bit.ly/2Dr4NXk
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