The Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community

September 3, 2019


There are many things to consider when making decisions about where to live. At the top of this list is the community, the surrounding neighborhood that encompasses your living space. This gives a whole new meaning to the adage, “location, location, location.” A community operates like a big front yard; it is outside your house and yet still connected to it in meaningful ways. Therefore, it is important to situate your family in a greater area that complements your way of life and that provides opportunities to grow – comfortably and conveniently, of course!

What is a master planned community? 

A master planned community is carefully and purposefully developed to offer residents a physical space paired with a lifestyle concept that, taken together, are considered the very best in modern living. For example, the physical layout of a planned community is mindful of the environment and makes architectural and urban planning efforts to fit into it, as opposed to the more ad hoc development of old neighborhoods where houses popped up here and there with less regard for the overall community design. Furthermore, planned communities provide many wonderful additions that are enjoyed by the entire neighborhood, such as club houses, pools, playgrounds, open spaces and trails, fitness centers, gathering spaces, and much more.

Therefore, today’s master planned communities are designed to offer the very best in home life, from the design of open spaces and the architectural fit within the city, to environmentally-friendly technology and sophisticated amenities. It hasn’t always been this way, though. Community planning and development has changed a lot over the years. Many older, traditional neighborhoods still exist and are a beautiful home to many. How do the master planned communities of today compare with the traditional neighborhoods – and subdivisions – of old? Let’s take a look.

A comparison: master planned communities vs. traditional neighborhoods

  • Room to move: open spaces. Master planned communities include open spaces and trails to promote exercise, stress reduction, and a deeper connection to nature. This is not the case for most traditional neighborhoods packed tightly in and around the city. It is simply easier to engage with the environment in a purposefully designed space that includes paths leading from neighborhoods into parks where the kids can play. There are also a variety of running, hiking, and biking trails around planned neighborhoods that fit in well with the landscape and highlight local flora and fauna.
  • Already Planned and Designed. For many, master planned neighborhoods are attractive because they are already planned, already designed and thought through by architects, engineers, and construction leaders. Living in a curated space is not for everyone. Older neighborhoods in Denver are charming with their historical architecture and mis-matched housing styles. They reflect the evolution of the city, and of mid-Western America, and there is something meaningful and fun about that.
  • Attention to (green!) technology and amenities. Buildings and houses in master planned communities are equipped with the very latest technologies. This means that appliances, lighting systems, air ventilation systems, and security measures all operate efficiently, (sometimes interconnectedly), and quietly. What’s more, these are designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the home. Smart technologies enhance our daily operations and our family’s safety: and these come standard in planned communities. Contrast this with the cycles of replacement and maintenance necessary to update appliances and technology systems in older homes.

Case in point: Stapleton and Park Hill in Denver 

A quick case in point to compare planned communities to older, traditional neighborhoods: Let’s consider the Stapleton master planned community in relation to the Park Hill area in Denver. 

A quick look reveals that the traditional Park Hill community consists of 32 acres, and its three administrative neighborhoods span Montview Boulevard, Colorado Boulevard, and Dahlia Street. The dense streets of the wider Park Hill area include many businesses as well as restaurant options. 

The master planned community in Stapleton is a redevelopment project that transformed the grounds of the old airport into a thriving center for shopping, dining, and living. It consists of 4,700 acres (yes, you read that right!), all of which are purposefully designed to enhance the daily life of its residents. This community is highlighted by the 80-acre Central Park (notice that the park itself is over twice the size of Park Hill), six community pools, and bike and walking trails, with over 70 restaurants and more than 100 stores and shops to choose from. 

Master planned communities are designed to accommodate and enhance modern living

Comparing a master planned community to an older, more traditional neighborhood is a worthwhile process that provides a lot of food for thought. Master planned communities are designed to accommodate – and enhance! – modern living so that you do not have to do the work of thinking through a thousand decisions regarding your living space and, just as importantly, your lifestyle. A master planned community offers a wide range of housing options nestled within a wide range of beautiful landscapes and environmental spaces, complete with fitness and lifestyle amenities that combine to create a well-lived life. These neighborhoods, from their inception to their completion, do the hard work of planning and strategizing so that when you live there, you can kick back and, well, live a little!

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