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Todd Bakken

Project Manager

Just the Facts:

  • Why I choose to work at Wonderland: Luckily they chose me and has been a great ride ever since. I was #17 and look at us now.
  • Year hired: 2012
  • Favorite customer story: There are so many but making a connection and seeing them happy in the end is what makes me want to do it again. Matt Wulkan has to win the award. Building his second home and starting Sterling Ranch off with a bang was really rewarding and exciting.
  • Hometown: Parker
  • Number of children: 3 boys
  • Hobbies: Endurance Mountain Bike or Ironman Racing
  • Hidden talent: My Salads are LEGENDARY
  • Favorite food: I have so many. I am plant based so savory and spicy are key.
  • Favorite musician:
  • Number of siblings: Oldest of 3
  • Number of pets: 2 rescue dogs who are both missing their left eye
  • Favorite sports team: I follow a lot of professional triathletes and professional mountain and road riders. Had I stayed in Durango after college, I would probably have a different life story.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Crested Butte or a beach
  • What word best describes Wonderland Homes: Family
  • Least favorite household chore: Dusting – why cannot dirt stay outside?
  • Least favorite word: Can’t
  • Favorite music: New age, electronic, dance
  • What keeps you in Colorado: My job, friends and all my family is here
  • What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken: This is hard to answer as I have had life-changing events before but nothing I would call a risk.

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