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Tessa Mondragon

Sales Assistant

Just the Facts:

  • Why I choose to work at Wonderland: I love that it’s a smaller builder, it has more of a family feel than the corporate builder I used to work for.
  • Year hired: 2018
  • Favorite customer story: Seeing the look on a buyer’s face when I bring a bottle of wine to their closing walk.
  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Number of children: 0
  • Hobbies: Baking!
  • Hidden talent: I can crack an egg with one hand.
  • Favorite food: Any and all breakfast foods.
  • Favorite musician/band: Kaleo
  • Number of siblings: 1 brother in the US Air Force
  • Number of pets: 2 Cats
  • Favorite sports team: Colorado Rockies!
  • Favorite vacation spot: Copper Mountain
  • What word best describes Wonderland Homes: Homey
  • Least favorite household chore: Dusting, makes me sneeze
  • Least favorite word: Moist
  • Favorite music: Anything and Everything!
  • What keeps you in Colorado: My mountain views.
  • What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken: I jumped off the roof of my childhood home to see if I could fly. I landed in the snowbank but I got stuck for a solid 10 minutes before my dad found me.

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