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Mark Graf

Customer Care Manager

Just the Facts

  • Hometown: Lakewood CO
  • Number of children:  3, with 4 grandchildren
  • Hobbies: Family, motorcycling, and flying
  • Favorite food: Dead and cooked
  • Favorite musician:  Too many to list
  • Least favorite household chore:  They are all good. Cleaning the gutters means I have a house to work on, mowing the lawn means I have a little space between my neighbors and me, shoveling snow means I am capable of working, and doing dishes means I had a nice meal.  Each chore means I have something for which to be grateful.
  • Favorite music:  Classical, Jazz, Old Country Western, Rock and Roll, Electronic, Folk, and most any tune that makes my feet move.
  • What keeps you in Colorado:  We live in a beautiful state that is close to most of my family.
  • What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken:  Aerobatics


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