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Jessica Hodge

Marketing Coordinator

Just the Facts

  • Year hired: 2020
  • Hometown: Springfield, MO
  • Number of children: Zero
  • Hobbies: Running, skiing, traveling
  • Hidden talent: Can draw intricate portraits using charcoal
  • Favorite food: Mango curry.  Five-spice.
  • Favorite musician: So many great musicians out there. Tame Impala, Goth Babe, Ariana Grande, Playboi Carti, Drake… and many more
  • Number of siblings: One, my stepbrother!
  • Number of pets: Two cats 😊
  • Favorite sports team: Go Chiefs!
  • Favorite vacation spot: LA or Chicago are fun getaways or any new city I haven’t been to yet
  • Least favorite household chore: Putting away laundry (Very time consuming)
  • Least favorite word: …
  • Favorite music: Trap, rap & hip hop, or indie & alternative
  • What keeps you in Colorado: The mountains, they are very grounding and humbling to live by
  • What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken: Starting my own photography business in college (

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