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James Mussman

New Home Specialist

Just the Facts

  • Why I choose to work at Wonderland: They were my builder of choice for my family so that made me feel confident in what Wonderland was all about. The opportunity to work here came later and I’m thankful to have earned their trust as Wonderland earned mine.
  • Year hired: 2014
  • Favorite customer story: I moved a porta potty once for a child’s birthday party. Turns out, it wasn’t even a Wonderland porta potty. Oh well, I washed my hands.
  • Hometown: Lincoln, NE
  • Number of children: 2
  • Hobbies: Fly fishing
  • Favorite food: Indian
  • Favorite musician: Ray LaMontagne
  • Number of siblings: One of a kind but too many half’s and step-siblings to count
  • Number of pets: 0, I have 2 young kids so that’s enough.
  • Favorite sports team: Rockies
  • Favorite vacation spot: Oregon Coast
  • Least favorite household chore: Dusting
  • Least favorite word: Depends on the day. Maybe a word isn’t best. How about a saying? “So we still have time.” Don’t say that. That means you may have squandered your time before now.
  • Favorite music: Profound, deep lyrics. Genre doesn’t matter a whole lot.
  • What keeps you in Colorado: Seriously? I moved from Nebraska in 2004.
  • What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken: Asked my wife to marry me.

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