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Amy Irvin

Director of Employee & Customer Experience

Just the Facts:

  • Year Hired: 2012
  • Hometown: Denver
  • Children: 4!  Two amazing stepdaughters and my absolutely perfect (in my eyes) teenage sons.  Oh!  And my awesome dog Sunny.
  • Hobbies: Family time, Baseball Mom, Broncos, Travel
  • Hidden Talent: Sarcasm (it’s not all that hidden)
  • Favorite Food:  Popcorn, Fruit Snacks, Cookies
  • Favorite Musician:  No favorites – I love everything from Chopin to Justin Timberlake to Kendrick Lamar
  • Number of Siblings: 2
  • Number of pets: 1 dog – Sunflower Daffodil – AKA Sunny D
  • Favorite Sports Team: Broncos (duh!)
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: So Cal
  • Least favorite chore:  Cleaning
  • Least favorite phrase:  It’s a moot point. (or “mute point” as so many people incorrectly say it!)
  • Favorite Music: Classical and Gangsta Rap
  • What keeps me in CO: Family
  • Biggest Risk: Speaking my Mind

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