Some of the ways we give back to our community

It’s an honor and a privilege to partner with phenomenal groups.

Learn more here about the excellent work they are doing. Through housing outreach programs, charitable programs, and community housing support, we are honored to help make a difference.

Housing Outreach Programs


We are so proud to partner with Operation Finally Home, which built a new home for a wounded veteran and his family. You can read about the project in this article.


Established in 1993, this Denver-based nonprofit provides accessibility solutions and home modifications for people with disabilities and financial need. One of our favorite projects is building ramps for people to have easy, safe access to their home. Watch a video of the project below—it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. For more information on the Home Builders Foundation and the important work they’re doing in the Denver community, visit

Charitable Programs


“People with intellectual disabilities are surprising everyone but themselves!”

Wonderland Homes is partnering with IN! to create inclusive college opportunities in Colorado for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) to foster academic growth, social development and career advancement.

Until recently, society’s low expectations coupled with limited opportunities have prevented people with ID from the benefits associated with a higher education. While peers move to the next phase of their lives, students with ID sit on the sidelines. Consequently, they transition from high school to adult day programs, very low paying jobs or, in too many cases, simply end up sitting idly at home with limited social outlets. Many individuals live hopelessly below the poverty line, and have little prospect of rising above it.

Through the work of IN!, for the first time in the history of Colorado, students with intellectual disabilities were fully matriculated on campus and attending classes at Arapahoe Community College, the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Across the nation, graduating students are rising to these higher expectations and are learning to navigate the world more independently. The inclusive college integration has fostered tremendous personal growth and has improved the students’ ability to support themselves, build their skill set, and gain meaningful employment.

IN!’s vision is that students with ID will be welcomed on all colleges and universities in Colorado. Watch this video to learn more!

Community Housing Support


Wonderland Homes is grateful to partner with HomeAid Colorado to help build new lives for the homeless through housing and community outreach. Just like us, HomeAid holds character in high standing. Their mission is to help meet the housing requirements of families and individuals whose circumstances otherwise deprive them of one of our most basic needs. Whether through financial support or direct involvement in building and remodeling projects, Wonderland strives to enrich lives through suitable shelter and supportive modifications.

A Quick Glance at Wonderland’s Involvement with HomeAid Colorado

  • 2 Time Builder Captain with commitment to future project,
    • Mike Davidson, Current Board member
    • Gold Key Donor for multiple years
  • Currently top level “Cornerstone” Doorways of Hope Annual Supporter
  • Jim Horn, Superintendent – awarded Anthony J. Reclitz Volunteer of the Year in 2014
  • Steve Phua, President awarded Anthony J. Reclitz Volunteer of the Year Award in 2015
  • Hosted various fundraisers with viaOneHope wine
  • Essentials CareKit Drive supporter for past two years donating hygiene items

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