Take the Mystery Out of Homebuilding

Buying and building a new home can seem daunting. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions to help ease your mind.

Just click on a specific question to see the answer. And, of course, if you still have further questions, our New Home Specialist is here to help you along the way.


As soon as the lender funds the loan (which means the lender releases the money from your loan to the Title company to be distributed according to the settlement sheet) the keys are given to you. Usually, that happens a short time after completion of all the paperwork. The lender may require a final review which can take a few minutes or more. If a lender is located in a different time zone and cannot give funding authorization until the next business day, you WILL NOT be able to take possession of your home until that funding occurs. Once you get the keys, you can begin moving in.

Depending on the community, mailbox key can typically be obtained at your community sales office. You will be required to sign a receipt for the mailbox key and the Sales Team will explain the location of your mailbox.

At the time of contract, you will receive all HOA documents for your review.  Additionally, at closing you will be asked to complete personal contact information for any HOAs to which you will belong. Thereafter, the HOA/management company will contact you with billing information and provide you with various details of your HOA.

Wonderland Homes will notify you of the date of closing approximately 45-days prior to the settlement appointment.  Typically, the closing process takes an hour and a half. Exact time, date and place of closing will be coordinated and set by our Closing Coordinator working with you and your lender to confirm the details.