Building Your Home

There may be days with no activity in the home. This is normal; the Construction Team inserts extra days into the schedule to accommodate unforeseen circumstances as well as days for inspections and for ‘curing’.

It is recommended that only the parties to the contract be at the orientation so that you can receive the full benefit of what the orientation has to offer. Often times, our customers prefer having their Realtor present at this walk through, which is perfectly acceptable.

While the orientation is one of the most important and informative pre-closing events and should be considered with highest priority, if it becomes absolutely necessary to reschedule, please immediately contact the Closing Coordinator. Bear in mind that the orientation is not a contingency of the closing. While closing can proceed without the orientation, your ultimate satisfaction with the home will be greatly enhanced by a successful orientation walkthrough.

The items that you have collected throughout the contract period may all be of use during the orientation, especially the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. This will help to understand certain aspects of your new home. A quick review of the warranty program that is a part of your contract may also be informative.

The homeowner orientation has two purposes. The first is to demonstrate the features of your home and discuss homeowner maintenance versus builder responsibility for multiple items in the home. We also want to confirm that we have delivered a home that meets our high standards that you will be happy with for many years to come.

This gives you the opportunity to see the ‘skeleton’ of your home and all of the behind-the-walls components. It is fun because you get to visualize where all of your furniture will go and how the home will live.  At this walk, we verify all options selected thus far, including your electrical and low voltage plan.

This is a great opportunity to first interact with your Construction Team.  They will meet with you near the time the homesite is being excavated (or shortly after) to review your home plans, selections, and homesite specific items.  We review the specifics of your home and how it will be orientated on your lot as well as show you where the utility boxes, fences, and sidewalks have been identified per our professional engineer’s plot plan, specific to your home. At that time, we provide an overview of the construction process and answer your questions.

We invite you to tour your new home with our Construction Team at multiple points throughout the construction process, when it is safe for you to be onsite.  We also expect and welcome your casual visits to the site; however, we require that you contact your Sales Team prior to visiting, that you wear a hard hat and appropriate footwear, and that a member of our staff accompanies you.

No matter what the issue, your Sales Consultant can answer your questions or get you the answers you are seeking.


As soon as the lender funds the loan (which means the lender releases the money from your loan to the Title company to be distributed according to the settlement sheet) the keys are given to you. Usually, that happens a short time after completion of all the paperwork. The lender may require a final review which can take a few minutes or more. If a lender is located in a different time zone and cannot give funding authorization until the next business day, you WILL NOT be able to take possession of your home until that funding occurs. Once you get the keys, you can begin moving in.

Depending on the community, mailbox key can typically be obtained at your community sales office. You will be required to sign a receipt for the mailbox key and the Sales Team will explain the location of your mailbox.

At the time of contract, you will receive all HOA documents for your review.  Additionally, at closing you will be asked to complete personal contact information for any HOAs to which you will belong. Thereafter, the HOA/management company will contact you with billing information and provide you with various details of your HOA.

Wonderland Homes will notify you of the date of closing approximately 45-days prior to the settlement appointment.  Typically, the closing process takes an hour and a half. Exact time, date and place of closing will be coordinated and set by our Closing Coordinator working with you and your lender to confirm the details.

Selecting Your Home

No, the plans and specifications for your home must be reviewed and approved by the building department of the city or county where the home is located. We construct each home to comply with plans and specifications approved by the applicable building department.

No. Once selections are made and the related change order is signed, they cannot be changed. After change orders are signed and processed, work orders are sent to all relevant suppliers and trade partners, and they in turn purchase materials and add the changes to their schedule. Subsequent revisions increase the likelihood of errors and introduce conflicting work orders. To avoid costly mistakes or compromise the quality of your home and the timeline in which it is being built, we disallow further changes after they have been selected.

Wonderland Homes provides you with a variety of options, upgrades and designer choices. Typically, we do not offer the options to customize a home completely, but are flexible if our customers have circumstances where it is necessary to make modifications to better fit their lifestyle.  Schedule time to make your selections as soon as possible; your contract specifies the dates by which those selections must be completed.

The construction process is a myriad of moving parts depending on natural products, manual craftsmanship, and acts of nature.  As such, guaranteeing an exact delivery date at the outset of construction is almost impossible and certainly ill-advised.  However, Wonderland’s commitment to our customers is that once the home buyer is notified of the completion date of the home and a closing date is set by the Closing Coordinator (approximately 45 days prior to closing), we will do everything within our power to close the house on schedule, and we won’t schedule that closing until we are confident of the date.

Please contact our New Home Specialists to set up an appointment.

A spec home is a home that we have already started building without a specific buyer contracted for the property. Often, we have already made some or all of the option selections, and sometimes these selections can’t be changed. If you prefer to make more personalized selections, it is best to start from the beginning. If you need to close by a specific date or you’re happy with the options selected, a spec home is the right choice for you. If all options have been selected, then the price you see is often the price you will get because most of the design choices are made for you. If you prefer to make all of the option selections yourself and don’t have a specific deadline to move-in, a dirt start might be your preference.

That is up to you. The price will increase, based on the options and designs you choose. Typically, our Wonderland customers spend between 7%-12% above the base price of the home in structural options and all design upgrades. However, it is absolutely possible to build a home for the amount of the base price, which includes many quality design options that we have included.


Yes, but all appliance claims are to be handled directly through BAC Ferguson. You will be provided that information.

We do provide you with a list of emergency contacts for certain trade partners/contractors you can contact for certain emergencies. Please understand that there is a difference between ‘emergency’ (as defined for the purposes of warranty work) and ‘urgent concerns’. Some situations that involve risk of grave injury are obviously beyond the scope of the builder warranty. Call 911 in those instances. Other critical situations, such as a discernible gas leak inside your home, require you to leave the home immediately; don’t use a cell phone, a landline, an electrical appliance of any kind, or light switches…just leave! Call 911 from outside the home or from a neighbor’s home, but not from inside your home. Once that situation is safely resolved, a determination can be made about whether the issue is a warrantable problem.

For problems like a complete loss of power (not involving an area-wide black out) or a complete loss of heat during cold weather periods, one of the numbers that we have provided you should get the response you need.

For most other situations, urgent though they may be, we suggest that you first treat it as a maintenance issue and do what you can immediately to control the situation and mitigate any further damage. This could entail calling for professional help (such as a remediation or restoration service company) and notifying your insurance company, if the matter may result in a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy. If it is a matter that may be a warrantable problem, you will need to submit a service request so that we can respond during normal business hours. The builder does not maintain a 24/7 response capability, so non-emergency warranty requests are dealt with as quickly as possible, but during normal business hours.

If the issue in question is neither an emergency nor especially urgent and you are not sure who to contact, please contact our Customer Care Team through our online portal, and we will attempt to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.


Please report any concerns, comments, or concerns to your community Sales Consultant.

Click here to let our team know about an issue with your home.

Wonderland Homes provides you with an unprecedented two-year limited warranty. The Residential Construction Performance Guidelines Homeowner Reference manual will explain the entire “how to” and “what about” questions that may arise during your first several months of ownership. Your Sales Consultant will provide you with that manual.

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