Your Wonderland Home Is Protected with Zip System® Sheathing and Tape 

March 31, 2020


From location to kitchen finishes, there’s a lot to consider when buying a new home. At Wonderland Homes, we have committed to helping our customers every step of the way. This includes ensuring that our Northern Colorado homes are structurally safe, sound, and offer innovative solutions to common problems like moisture leaking, sustainability, and more.

So, we intentionally build with the highest quality materials and choose a partnership that elevates and challenges the latest in building standards. We’ve partnered with Zip System® to make sure our homes are built to last, proudly offering our customers a place where they can rest easy and make memories that last a lifetime.

Zip System® Benefits 

Zip System® is a unique engineered wood panel placed on all your home exterior walls — it guards the inside from all outside forces and disturbances.  

Leak Protection 

 Zip System®’s built-in water-resistive barrier protects homes from the elements during construction and long after. With all the rain and snow Colorado brings, you won’t have to worry about leaks, wet floors, and deteriorating wood. All moisture will be kept out. 

Great Air Quality and Energy Efficiency 

Breathe easier knowing that the Zip System® barrier helps reduce air leakage; you’ll only be using the energy that you need! This helps us keep our energy-efficient homes sustainable and saves you money on your monthly utility bills. 

Structural Durability 

We believe that every home should be built with care and be structurally sound. You can depend on a sturdy building envelope created by the Zip System® – it will hold your home together nicely!  

With the 30 year warranty that comes with a Zip System® home, you can rest easy and be confident in your purchase — your brand new home will be safe, durable, and ready to enjoy life in!

By offering Zip System®, we are proud of the high-performance design combining quality and innovation that comes standard in a Wonderland home. Plus, our customers appreciate knowing their new home is energy-efficient and safe. Choose from a variety of Colorado communities, a number of floor plans, and you too can soon be moving into your own Wonderland home.

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