What You Get with a Wonderland Homes Warranty

August 21, 2018


We strive to build a perfect home, but we are realistic enough to know that we may make mistakes or that something in the home may not perform as intended. To show our commitment to our customers, Wonderland Homes provides a two-year limited warranty, which is unheard of in the home building industry.

The best part – our program is included in the purchase and is not limited to the standard structural failure warranties offered by most builders. We repair or replace surfaces, finishes, furnishings and coverings that are part of a home and are damaged directly by a construction defect.

Here are some things you need to know about our home warranties as you enter home ownership with Wonderland Homes.

  • Our two-year limited warranty is from the original date of closing.
  • All claims must be submitted via our website. Please call in emergencies.
  • Your appliances are also covered for two years. BAC Ferguson handles the claims directly. Call 720-287-5804 or email at Mackenzie.leatherman@ferguson.com.
  • Each buyer receives a book called “The Residential Construction Performance Guidelines Homeowner Reference Manual” to explain the entire “how to” and “what about” questions that may arise during your first several months of ownership.
  • Wonderland Homes assumes no liability for any plumbing or sprinkler components that have been subjected to freezing or improper maintenance.
  • Scratches, dents, cuts, tears, stains, or any cosmetic item not discovered or noted at original home owner orientation are not covered under any warranty.
  • Any alterations or changes made to any components or parts of the home by either the buyer or a third-party contractor could potentially compromise the warranties provided by the builder and any builder sub-contractor or manufacturer.
  • Maintaining your new home, landscaping, drainage, grading, and erosion are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Improper maintenance can potentially negatively impact the warranty coverage of your new home.
  • Plants are not warrantable under any warranty provided by Wonderland Homes.
  • Trees are warranted for 90 days after closing.
  • Concrete flat work is not warranted for cracking, discoloration, texture differences, spalling, heaving or settling unless it has met or exceeded the guidelines according to the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines book. It is the responsibility of the home owner to properly seal cracks and protect the concrete as needed. Please refrain from using ice melters or salts on the surface.
  • Our warranty team offers an 11-month inspection of your home, the purpose of which is to detect items that should be corrected.
  • All reviews and work at the home will be scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 3:00pm. No weekends are provided for work from the builder.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to us on our Customer Care Message Line at 303-567-7652.

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