“Nailing It” Podcast Ep. 5 – How to Utilize Home Photography

August 1, 2018


Photos are key to buying and selling a home, but how do you make one really stand out? Garrett and Mike sit down with photographer, Eric Lucero, to talk about his experience of shooting homes for builders and Realtors.

360 Discussion

• How are builders underutilizing their images?

• What are some ways people can better use photos?

• Photography trends and where the “look” is going

• What sets homes/builders apart from one another when it comes to photography

• Stills vs video debate

• Finding a great photographer

• Tips on staging and preparing your home for photos

• Funny stories on traveling to shoot for new home builders

Contact Information 

Eric’s Website: www.ericlucerophoto.com

Eric’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ericlucerophoto/?hl=en

Nailing It: A weekly homebuilder podcast featuring stories, tips, and tricks to help you nail your real estate goals.

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