“Nailing It” Podcast Ep. 2 – Home Loan 101

June 30, 2018


This week we explain some of the top things to watch out for when getting a home mortgage. Vice President and Mortgage Loan Originator, sat down with us to explain some best practices

Story Time 

  • Being in the Marijuana and getting a loan
  • Other crazy stories from Laura’s career

360 Topics of The Week

How to apply for a loan:

  • Finding the best lender – Pros/cons
  • All online – easy
  • What items will be required?
  • How to compare rates/lenders
  • Down payment & closing costs – what should you be saving
  • Why not overstress

Myths about applying for a mortgage.

  • Affects your credit report every time?
  • Rates are locked on day one

Tips – things not to do while building a home

  • Open/close bank accounts – applying for new credit
  • Big purchases
  • Job/life changes

Answers to Questions on Facebook Live

This Week’s Question of The Week

What do you want to know about mortgages?

Laura’s Website: https://lmorrissey.arcadiahomelending.com/

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