Wonderland Homes’ Built with Pride Promise

September 27, 2021


Our Built with Pride Promise –  the next evolution of our operations and quality management.

Today’s business environment is transforming at a faster pace than ever before. Wonderland Homes recognizes the need to align our operations and products with ever-evolving customer expectations, environmental factors, and technological advancements.

Although change is inevitable, three customer expectations remain constant:

  1. Value: Increasing the longevity of your home while providing comfort and minimizing maintenance costs.
  2. Quality: Refining the building process with inspections that provide homes that are built to last
  3. Customer Service: Bettering the new homeownership experience and being there for you along the way

Meeting these expectations is not easy or achievable through individual departments or teams; instead, it requires a unified organization with a meaningful vision, mission, and strategy.

Our Strategy Statement – To maintain our leadership within the home building industry and consistently deliver products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through total quality management. Dare to be elite!

Every homebuilder’s homes are inspected by local municipalities and must meet minimum health & safety standards. However, today’s homebuyers expect homes that are anything but minimum. Buyers want peace of mind when it comes to their health, having better technology, higher efficiency, and comfort features.

Adapting to the increasing demands of building in today’s market is one of our biggest challenges, and we count on our team of industry professionals, including third-party engineers, energy raters, and product specialists to guide and assist us throughout the entire design-build process.

In 2020, we took our Built with Pride Promise one step further. We decided to incorporate the FTQ360 construction management software and mobile app, a comprehensive quality control software to empower our Project Managers, elevate our internal processes and enhance the overall inspection process to go above and beyond for our customers.

“Our Built with Pride Promise is designed to align every department’s purpose, focus, initiatives, and daily activities. The objective of this program is to improve communication between our employees and our trade partners. To achieve this, we have incorporated the FTQ360 checklist process into our operations”  – Kolby O’Herron, General Manager

You might be thinking, what does all this mean for me? Below we answer some questions you may have and go more into detail about the Built with Pride Promise and FTQ360.

What is FTQ360?

  • FTQ360 “First Time Quality is a comprehensive, interactive construction management software platform. It allows builders and contractors to create custom quality checklists that align with trade partner work scopes and critical quality checkpoints throughout the home construction process.

Wonderland Homes FTQ360 Built With Pride

How are we using FTQ360 right now?

  • We celebrated our first year using FTQ360 in October of 2020.

  • We created and are utilizing multiple quality checklists that align with strategic construction stages.

  • Our Project Managers and trade partners are continually learning more features each day, as well as optimizing the benefits of this app.

What are the benefits?

  • Streamlined Communication; FTQ360 provides a fast and easy method for identifying, documenting, and communicating with our trade partners.

  • Consistent Processes; FTQ360 establishes consistent procedures, work scopes, and quality expectations for the trades and our project managers.

  • Powerful Analytics; FTQ360 generates a vast range of reports and statistics that provide insight so attention can be directed to the highest priorities.

  • Automated Notification and Reminders; settings can be customized to deliver automatic notices and reminders to the trades, allowing the PMs to focus on other priority tasks. The trades can also alert the PMs when they have completed their action items.

  • Organized Documentation; all inspections, defects, corrections, and compliance are securely documented and easy to access.

  • Tracking; the software offers the ability to track when items are completed; ensuring each noted item is corrected.

The Built With Pride Promise Plaque

Wonderland Homes Built With Pride Plaque

In honor of this promise to you, Wonderland Homes’ final step in delivering a home is placing a bronze plaque on the front porch to signify the integrity and care taken in building each home. When you see a Wonderland Home, you know it is delivered with pride. We are committed to continuous improvement and in 2021 and beyond and we are implementing effective processes that will enhance your experience and continue to produce high-quality, energy-efficient homes while delighting our customers. Whether you are already a Wonderland homeowner or soon to be, you can rest assured that Wonderland has your back in delivering homes with exceptional value and quality with the service you deserve.


Wonderland Homes has been designing and building homes and communities in the Denver Metro area for over 50 years. Starting in the $300s, our floorplans are ready for your unique personalization. Ready for a change? Contact us today and begin your journey to an elevated lifestyle.


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