Building a New Website for Real Estate

November 21, 2018


Podcast Episode #11 Web

Here at Wonderland, we recently went through a complete website redesign. It was no easy task, but we learned a lot of lessons and we’re thrilled with the final product. Web designer and owner of Essentia Web Works, Melodi Sheppard, sat down with us to share how to avoid common pitfalls during a site redesign.

360 Discussion

  • When you should consider building a website
  • Where to start when building a new website
  • Where companies can get ideas from
  • Top elements that you need to have on the page
  • Major website trends
  • Best development tools
  • Tips for a brand-new company on a budget
  • Easiest ways to improve a site that’s already built

Fire Round

  • How many sites have you built?
  • Average time to build a site?
  • Favorite project?
  • Worst project?

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