10 Step Checklist for Moving into your New Home

August 11, 2018


So, you just bought a new home. You’re excited to get the keys. However, you’re dreading the “m” word. Moving into a new home can be super stressful, so we came up with a simple checklist of the top things you need to do to have a successful, stress-free experience.

  1. Take a few days off. Even though the home is brand new, you will need some time to get everything set up, including the internet.
  2. Find a moving company, but do your research. It’s best to ask for recommendations and check sites like Angie’s List. Don’t ask for a quote over the phone. Have someone come out and look at your house. Sometimes companies underestimate the amount of furniture inside a house.
  3. Label your boxes! There is nothing worse than having a million boxes stack up inside your new home and not knowing which items are inside.
  4. Book a company to clean your old home. Trust us… you’ll thank us in the end and you’ll love getting that time back for other things.
  5. Take measurements and make sure larger furniture will fit inside your new home.
  6. Let the post office know that you need to change your address, so they can forward your mail. For more information visit: https://moversguide.usps.com/mgo/disclaimer
  7. Secure your utilities. Wonderland Homes will have utility service removed from its name three days after Closing. You will need to notify all applicable utility companies of your move so that service is provided in your name. We suggest that you contact these companies well ahead of time to avoid any interruption in service. Utility company phone numbers are provided to you by email once the closing is scheduled.
  8. Make sure you have cleaning products and trash bags on the day of your move. Without a doubt, unpacking will leave you with garbage, dirt, and dust.
  9. Take some time to get to know the community. Drive around and try out new restaurants and stores. You will also need to find some local companies to help decorate and landscape your new home.
  10. Relax and throw a housewarming party. You’ve earned it!
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